Friday, October 24, 2008

More fall decor

These are in my entry hall:

Love this primitive looking guy! I think I got him at Home Goods.

I got these cute little 'Yikes!' and 'Eek!' signs at Michael's. They are on some drawer knobs in the entry as you walk into the house. I'm not sure I'll keep them there, or put them with some other decorations, but I think they're great!

Got this little trio on sale at Longs, of all places.

My collection of Halloween bears has joined my collection of teddy bears.

Here's the rest of my bear collection, with some ghosts and boo's (that I made years ago) interspersed among them.

A look at my fireplace, with a Halloween swag that I got at a craft fair years ago, and two new pumpkin additions!

The pumpkins are those 'fake' ones from Michael's that have been on sale.
I found the parts for the faces at. . . . .Longs! They were advertised for "kids" to
use instead of having to use a knife to cut a real pumpkin, but I thought they
would be fun for me to use! And I like the way they turned out. . . .and NO mess to clean up!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Finally got around to starting my fall decorating! Here are some pictures:

Love this new 'pumpkin girl' that I got from a craft fair, together with a metal 'eek' and wonderful fall potpourri.

On my mantel, three old pieces with a new "boo."

Inspired by what I saw on other blogs, I made this 'boo' sign with things I already had at home. I love the way it turned out.....and so simple to make!

One of my cute bears (thanks, AJ!) with a new 'Happy Halloween' pillow from a craft fair. The bear on the right is from WalMart.....he is a 'scaredy bear' and when we press on his foot, he shakes and goes "Ooohhhhhhh......Ooohhhhhhh......Ooohhhhhhh!" So funny!

A pumpkin, a 'candle' and a 'treats' can (made by Michelle).

Will post more pics at a later date, including my outside decorations!

Happy Autumn!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Feeling INspired. And a little INadequate

Fall is here, and the Fall/Halloween decorations are starting to pop up in my neighborhood. I haven't gotten any of mine out yet, but after looking at some of the blogs listed below, I am feeling inspired to get my Halloween containers out of the garage......but wow, I'm not sure I can get things looking as fabulous as some of these bloggers! There are so many fun ideas, and the vignettes in some of the homes are incredible! So, I'll put aside my inadequate feelings, and attempt some of these decorating designs! Check them out! (Click on the picture....the last one with the cute Barn Star takes you to a site with LOTS more sites to visit for MORE ideas!!) : )

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Check out this cute blog

Hi all!
Found this cute blog: Thrifty Decor Chick Don't remember the circuitous route I took to find it, but I love some of the ideas for Halloween decorating. Scroll down to find them. I especially like the Photo Frame idea from Oct. 2nd (looks quick and easy) and the Ghosts on Oct. 1st. If you have time, go through some of her older posts.....she has some really cute (and again, easy) ideas for decorating your house.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Did you watch?

Did you watch the Vice Presidental debate last night? (How could you not watch?!?!) I wish I had seen this yesterday instead of today. Palin Bingo would have been so fun!! (I understand there was a Biden one too.)

Whatever you believe, remember to VOTE!! It is SO important! Here's a video I saw yesterday to help remind you how important it is: 5 Friends

V O T E !!