Wednesday, January 21, 2009

another eventful day . . .

LOST . . . returns tonight!!!
I can't wait!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

2009 word

After a lot of thinking, I've come up with my word for 2009:

Mindful . . .
. . . as in being mindful of what's really important in life,
. . . as in being mindful of each moment,
. . . as in being mindful of the words I (and others) use when talking about someone else.

"Mindfulness, simply put, comes down to allowing yourself to be in this moment."
This quote is the beginning of an article titled Mindfulness meditation and the law of attraction by Tracy Connery. Check it out here.

Have you picked out your 2009 word yet? A fun article to read about it is Shout Out Your Word and Create Your Year Starting Right Now… on Christine Kane's blog. She talks about the positive differences in choosing a word for the year rather than going the make-a-resolution route. And, she has a list of words for you to look at in case you need more suggestions.

I've got a lot on my plate over the next few weeks, which I'll be blogging about soon (can't believe my last post was on January 1st, and it's already the 17th!!! Speaking of which, I have said good-bye to meat, haven't had any in weeks, and even had TOFU for lunch on Thursday!!) Anyway, I hope to keep up my blog a lot better than I have so far this year! I'm still working on changing it around a bit, too.

(And yes, AJ, being mindful does include being mindful of when someone's birthday is coming up, and not missing it by a month or more!!!) : )

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Good-bye Super Nachos

One of my goals for 2009, along with Oprah and cathy z., is to eat more healthy.

I just got done reading Skinny Bitch, and have to agree with their assertion on the first page of the first chapter that, “You cannot keep eating the same s#@% and expect to get skinny.” So, I need to make changes.

Chapter 1 of Skinny Bitch is titled Give It Up. They suggest you give up wine, beer, soda, coffee, “junk food,” sugar, simple carbohydrates, meat (better known as “dead, rotting, decomposing flesh”) and dairy ----- among other things!!

I decided I’d (try to) give up sugar and meat. Decided I couldn't do dairy, since that would also mean giving up cheese. And milk in my coffee. (Not giving up coffee…nope; tried that once----it only lasted about a day and a half.) I’ve tried soy milk in my coffee, but don’t like it, so I’ll stick to my nonfat milk. So giving up dairy is out, at least for now. (Marilu Henner wrote a great book years ago, that talked about giving up dairy, in scarier terms than the authors of Skinny Bitch, so maybe, someday, I'll consider giving it up.)

So good-bye Super Nachos. You contain meat. And I think nachos fall under eating the s#@% category, anyway. So, for now, goodbye SuperNachos.

Another goal for 2009 is to re-do my blog, and make it better, with it’s own personalized header and some added features. Maybe even rename it. (If you have any suggestions for a new name, leave a comment.) I LOVE looking at other people’s blogs, and know that I could make this a lot better.

2009 WORD

I originally got my idea from Ali Edwards last year. Last year my word was CREATE. Don’t know if I really lived up to it, but I tried. Probably working on my Master’s kept me from being able to “create” as much as I wanted to. Ali’s 2009 word is NURTURE. Check out Stephanie Ackerman’s new word: purpose. (Stephanie created the 'create' and 'one word/big difference' doodles above. She'll create your 2009 word for you!)

After looking at suggestions on Ali’s blog, and thinking about what I want from 2009, I’ve narrowed my choices down to:
MOMENTS (as in “live in the moment)


Saw this one on Ali's list, and it intrigued me: Selah (holy pause).
Wikipedia's definition is a bit different from a 'holy pause,' although similar. . . "stop and listen."
They also say: "It is translated into today's general language with the meaning: think about it."
I really like that!
Oh, and one more goal ----to read more. Which will include turning off the TV more! That will be hard since LOST is coming back on in January . . . yea! But I got six new books that I asked for at Christmas, and I already had a stack to read, so in order to find the time, something's gotta give ---- so it'll have to be TV! My friend Sarah is trying to get us started on a book club, so maybe that'll help too.
So, that's it --- for now. I know I'll have more 'goals' for 2009.
(Notice I'm not calling them resolutions this year. Maybe that will help me keep going with them all year . . . instead of doing what Mark Twain said about resolutions.) Good luck to you with your goals and/or resolutions!!