Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter, Peeps!

Happy Easter everyone!  We had a great day with family, a large  brunch, and lots of Peeps.

I love Peeps.  Always have, ever since I was small.  Don't know the allure of them, but I always buy them for Easter.

This year, I was intrigued by Peeps Week from Love From the Oven and other blogs showcasing Peeps.  So, with my packages of Peeps at the ready, I decided to try some new and different ideas.

First up, I tried to recreate the "dipped Peeps on a stick" I saw at Love From the Oven.  Here's what it looked like on her blog:

Here's what mine ended up looking like:

Okay, they don't look quite the same.  But they tasted GREAT (if you like a huge sugar rush!)

My next attempt was to make the "Tuxedo Peeps" from Babble.  Here's what they look liked on that site:

And here are the way mine turned out:

MUCH closer to the original than my attempt at "Peeps on a stick"!! 

To add to the Peep-a-Rama happening here on Easter Sunday, my mom brought me some packaged Chocolate-Covered-Peeps:

(Although according to one blog I read, the prepacked Peeps aren't sugar coated like regular Peeps so the chocolate will stick better on them. But if you dip your own Peeps at home, you get to put the chocolate on top of the existing Peeps that come covered with sugar already --- thus leading the the sugar rush!!!)
And my sister brought over some Chocolate-Mousse-Flavored-Peeps:

Fun times with Peeps!!   :)

Hope you had a great Easter too!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

one hundred things

         Have you heard about the 100 Thing Challenge, where a 'guy named Dave' decided to live with just 100 things for a year?  Here's what he said about it:
"The 100 Thing Challenge has been a way to personalize my efforts to fight American-style consumerism and live a life of simplicity, characterized by joyfulness and thoughtfulness."
         I like things.  I especially like my things.  In fact, we joke at my house that I may having hoarding tendencies because I have a hard time parting with things sometimes.  (I watch some of those shows about Hoarders to try to inoculate myself from ever actually becoming a full-fledged hoarder.)

         Living with just 100 things?!?!  Yikes!  I think I have 100 things just in my bathroom cupboard, under the sink.  (I'll count how many things are under there later, and report back).  In fact, I probably have 100 things in one of my drawers in the bedroom, where I keep odds and ends.  (I'll have to count in there, too).
         However, I do agree that we all have too many "things."  I am acutely aware that in America, we have more stuff than we know what to do with, especially when juxtaposed next to countries we see on the nightly news where a person can haul all of their belongings in one container on their back. 
         I also know that I could NOT live with just one hundred things.  So, here's my own 100 Thing Challenge ---  I am going to GIVE AWAY 100 things.  I'm going to go through my house and find one hundred things that I can give away to charity.
        Just getting RID OF 100 things will be my personal challenge.
        I'll let you know how it goes!

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's here!

Spring Break is here!!
I am SO happy!!!!